Welcome to Cross-Sections! We provide a behind-the-scenes look at the art conservation and science projects pursued at the Cantor Arts Center Art + Science Learning Lab.

The Cantor Arts Center Art + Science Learning Lab at Stanford University.

What does a conservator do?

A conservator preserves, restores, conserves works of art.
Our conservators do this in many ways, including:

  • determining the structural stability of individual works
  • counteracting deterioration
  • performing conservation treatments

All based on an evaluation of aesthetic, historic, and scientific characteristics of the art piece that includes conversations with curators and art historians, other conservators, scientists, and makers of art.

Generally, a conservator will have a background in art history, studio art, materials science, and chemistry, in addition to having considerable practical experience in conservation.

Stanford Staff:

Susan-3 2Susan Roberts-Manganelli
Director, Art + Science Learning Lab

Sam Photo

Samantha Fisher Li
Objects Conservator

2016-2018 Student Fellow:


Katherine Van Kirk, Engineering Physics ’19 (Chen-Yang Fellow)

Current Stanford Student Interns:

Reilly Clark, Lab intern 2017

Reilly Clark, Art History ’19, Lab Intern 2017

Sasha Zoe Landauer, Undeclared ’20, Outdoor Sculpture Intern


Cathy Yang, Art Practice ’20, Outdoor Sculpture Intern

Vivienne Le, Archaeology, ‘18 (Abroad Paris ‘17), Outdoor Sculpture Intern


Gabrielle Thiboutot, PhD Candidate, Classical Archaeology, APPEAR Project

2016 Student Fellow:


Jennie Yang, Materials Science ’19 (Geballe Fellow)

2015 Student Fellows:

Oliver Wang, Chen-Yang Fellow

Oliver Wang, Biology ’16, Chen-Yang Fellow 2015


Sara Sheffels, Materials Science ’16, VPUE Fellow 2015


Shawn Lee, Materials Science ’16, Geballe Fellow 2015

2014 Student Fellows:

Aman Thomas with xrf

Aman Thomas, Materials Science ’15, Geballe Fellow 2014

Federico Becker, Materials Science ’15, Art+Science Chen-Yang Fellow 2014

 Former Stanford Student Interns:

Maria Olivia Davalos Stanton, Intern 2016-2017

Maria Olivia Davalos Stanton, Classics/Chemistry ’15, Outdoor Sculpture and Lab Intern

Taylor Hendrickson, Undeclared '20, Conservation Lab Intern 2015-16

Taylor Hendrickson, Undeclared ’20, Conservation Lab Intern 2015

Andrew Barakat_Washing_04-23-2015-1

Andrew Barakat, Economics ’15, Outdoor Sculpture Intern

Gabe in Rodin Garden

Gabe Tall, Philosophy ’16, Outdoor Sculpture Intern 2014-2015

Candice Kim, Biology, Student Intern 2014

Candice Kim, Biology, Lab intern 2014

Victoria Kennedy

Victoria Kennedy, Religious Studies/Art History ’14 Lab intern 2014

Mysterious Black - 68

Kevin Chow, Materials Science ’14, Lab intern 2012-13

Ivy Nguyen - 2

Ivy Nguyen, Chemical Engineering ’14, Lab intern 2011-12

O.Falk_bio pic

Owen Falk, Chemical Engineering, MS ’14, Outdoor sculpture intern 2014

Dave and John at work on Boo-Qwilla

Dave Evans, Mechanical Engineering, Outdoor Sculpture Intern

Nichole Litvinas, Chemistry, Ph D ’10, TA for “Art, Chemistry and Madness” (ChemEng 80Q), Lab intern, Conservation Science Feasibility Study 2010


Kiran Malladi, Engineering and Robotics, PhD 2013, Lab intern

Anita Verma, Biology, Lab intern 2008; Lab assistant 2013

Sid Carter Greek Vase Crystals Study - 9 copy

Sid Carter, Archeology/Earth Science ’05, Lab research intern

 Rachel Danford, Art History ’06,  Lab intern 2005

Alisa Chiles, Art History ’06,  Lab intern 2005

Elizabeth Wessels, Art History/Archaeology ’05,  Lab intern 2005

Alice Barnes_Henner frame_2005 - 1

Alice Barnes, Art History/Athletics (Tennis), Lab intern 2005

 Melina Avery, Art History/Studio Art Sara Lawrence, Outdoor Sculpture intern 2004

Anne Gunnison 2000 Intern

Anne Gunnison, Art History, Lab intern 2004

Alisa Eagleston, Art History, ’04, Lab intern 2001-2004

Pedro Guimaraes Martins, Undeclared ’19, Outdoor Sculpture Intern (2016)

Mauricio Antunano, Philosophy ’15, Outdoor Sculpture Intern (2013-2015)

Kristel Bugayong, Communication ‘18, Lab Intern (summer 2016)

Current Pre-Program and Graduate Interns:

Former Pre-Program and Graduate Interns:

Céline Chrétien, Outdoor Sculpture Intern, ‘16-’17

Emily Farek 2015 (not student) 1

Emily Farek, Outdoor Sculpture Intern Summer ’15

Theresa Merchant 6.jpg

Theresa Merchant, Outdoor Sculpture Intern 2016

Nicole Passeroti, Pre-program conservation intern

Nicole Passeroti, Pre-program conservation intern, 2012-2014

Jocelyn Chan, Art History/Chemistry, Outdoor Art intern

Former Staff Contributors:

Emy Kim, Outdoor Sculpture Coordinator and Objects Conservator

Buffing the wax with nylon bristle brushes

Oliver O’Donnell and Ellen Bechtol Outdoor Sculpture Coordinators

E.Saetta_bio pic

Elizabeth Saetta, Outdoor Sculpture Coordinator and Objects Conservator

Mariko Chang