2015 Student Fellows at the Art + Science Lab

Congratulations to the three students selected for fellowships at the Art + Science Lab this spring and summer! We were lucky to have many excellent candidates apply. Current Stanford sophomores, keep an eye out for next year’s fellowship application later this year.

Our 2015 fellows are:

Oliver Wang
Biology (Anthropology minor) ’16
Chen-Yang Fellow

Oliver will analyze Late Rodin bronzes in the Cantor Collection. In collaboration with the NU-ACCESS project at Northwestern University, he will use x-ray fluorescence spectroscopy to study the chemical composition of bronze sculptures. This data will give researchers better understanding of the processes and provenance of various casts fired both during and after Rodin’s life.


Shawn Lee
Materials Science and Engineering ’16
Geballe Fellow

Shawn will study how the arsenic-based pigment Realgar degrades and changes color when exposed to light. This project will be performed in collaboration with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.


Sara Sheffels
Materials Science and Engineering ’16
VPUE Fellow

Sara is interested in analyzing ceramic pieces to better understand how they were made. She will be working with Professor Hideo Mabuchi on glazing and wood-fired ceramics.

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